IDAS ( Internet Skills and Mind Sports) is an association of gamers of all types of strategy games both tabletop and electronic ones.
The IDAS Association has been present in the Hellenic Community of gamers for almost 10 years now hosting a variety of events, including national and international ones both online and in venues around the country.

Located in downtown Athens, within easy reach from all points of the city it is a hub for gamers and collectors from all over the city.
IDAS, in cooperation with a variety of public institutions like The City of Athens or Pireaus and the Greek Telecommunications Company (OTE) creates events for gamers of all ages and attracts spectators in large numbers.

Now, after a period of consolidation in the wake of the economic and covid crisis we are entering a new phase of development and ready to host an even bigger number of events in many domains.

Papadopoulos Marios-Panayiotis has been an active gamer since 1981 and president of the Strategikon Club of Athens for 10 years. He had the fortune of being Secretary-General of the (IWF) International Wargames Federation for 4 years and hosted the International Individual Championships for DBM and FOG in 2006 and 2010 in Greece which were attended by more than 340 and 200 gamers respectively. A variety of other games took place at the same time drawing a big number of local attendees. He also organized and hosted the national games for Warcraft, Starcraft, FIFA 11, 12, and WoW in the years 2011 and 2012 when a Greek team went to Korea for the IeSF relevant tournaments.

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